Promo Video Prepare List

Congratulations, you’re in the calendar! We’ve just scheduled your company to shoot a promotional video with our Production Team.

Video is the #1 most engaging type of content on the internet right now. It’s shared, liked, and commented on more often than any other form of content online, and it’s one of the best ways to create brand awareness online. Not only does a promotional video show potential customers what it is your business does, but it also help separate your companies from your competition in terms of customer acquisition. It’s fun, relatable, authentic content that you will be able to post for years to come, and use across all online platforms.

Your video can go up pretty much anywhere a URL link is allowed. From YouTube to your personal website, Google+ to Facebook, promotional videos are designed to catch a potential customer’s eye and generate excitement for your particular brand.

In preparation of the Promotional Video Shoot, we’ve compiled some tips, tricks, and questions that will not only prepare your business for the video shoot, but also give our Paton Marketing a sound understanding of your company’s personal brand, what type of video to shoot, and which people to reach.

Please review this document before the video shoot.

Setting Up/Getting Ready

Dress Code:

  • Do Not Wear Any Green. We want you to stand out, not blend into the background! We may put you in front of a Green Screen, which allows us to use any backdrop in post production. Additionally, wearing green in general (even when not in front of a green screen) can cause problems.
  • Do Not Wear Stripes. Stripes are frequently obscured by natural body positioning (sitting, turning, etc.), and in general they don’t look the best on camera. Opt instead for dark colors like black, brown, or blue.
  • Makeup Will Not Be Provided. Our Production Team and the Promotional Video aims for authentic, real content. We may be the gurus of marketing and production, but we do not have a personal stylist. We want your personality to shine through, so please apply makeup and style hair according to your own personal style.

Before the cameraman arrives, please have the following ready and available:

  • At least 3 electrical outlets. They will be used for the camera, microphones, and various other equipment. To make the process go as smoothly as possible, please have at least three outlets ready and available for us to plug in.
  • 2-3 places to shoot, including an interview area. Think about which backdrops really encompasses your company’s personality. If you’re an Interior Decorator, a fully decorated room would be a perfect space for filming. If you are a bakery, a corner of the kitchen with everyone baking in the background would be ideal. Every business is different, your settings will reflect that. Additionally, we can set up a green screen for interviews.
  • 2-3 associates that are comfortable being on camera. A promotional video shows potential customers what you do on a daily basis. The best way to do this is to capture your employees at work! Three people seems to be the perfect amount, but less will suffice. These 2-3 people may also be interviewed.
  • 1-2 of your favorite clients willing to provide a glowing testimonial. Nothing is better when it comes to marketing than testimonials. After all, when we search for a restaurant on Yelp or TripAdvisor, what’s the first thing we look at? Ratings and reviews, of course! Testimonials are the best way to convert a potential customer, and a video showing how happy that client is with your services is the perfect addition to video.

On Camera

Don’t be intimidated by the camera! We are here to show the world how amazing your company is, the promo video should be a fun and exciting experience. In order to ease your anxiety, here are some on-camera tips, and some generic questions that we will be asking you:


  • Posture is Key. Sitting up straight, standing tall, shoulders back, etc. provides us with the best angles possible.
  • Limit Movement. Natural hand gestures are great, but fidgeting can be distracting on camera. Try not to sway back and forth, shift weight from one foot to another, or lean in and out. Playing with hair, chewing gum, and bouncing knees/twitching feet can all take away from the message your are trying to portray.
  • Answer every Question with the Question. If the interview question is, “What do you do here at Soloman’s Special Emporium?” The answer should be, “I am the Head Salesperson at Soloman’s Special Emporium,” or “Here at Soloman’s Special Emporium, I answer phone calls, organize products, and deliver sold products to customers.” The reason for this is we do not put the interviewer’s questions in the video. Everything that is said should be able to stand on it’s own.
    • If the question is, “what separates your business from the competition?”
      • Say, “What separates us from the competition in______________”
      • Or, “Our business is different from all the other out there because _________.”

General Questions We Will Ask:

  • Please say your name, your title, and the company you work for.
    • Example: “Hi, I’m Katie, and I’m the Director of Social Media for Paton Marketing.”
  • Can you tell me about the company you work for in 1 minute or less?
    • Example: “I work for a digital marketing company that specializes in online presence for small businesses. We are the one-stop shop for all things online, from website development, to maintenance, to SEO and social media management. We create unique, authentic content for our clients and strive to get them the best online presence possible.”
  • What do you enjoy most about your job?
    • Example: “The thing I enjoy most about my job is the people I work with. My team is phenomenal, I am so lucky to work with such a talented and diverse set of people.”
  • In your role here at X, what do you think constitutes success?
    • Example: “As the Director of Social Media, I think that my success is directly affected by my clients’ success. Nothing is better than hearing a client tell me they’ve blown away their sales goals, or they’ve sold out of a product because of a social media campaign.”
  • Can you tell me about your team?
    • Example: “My team is amazing. We have a melting pot of mindsets, cultures, and skills, but we somehow all come together and work well together. We’re a team, and we feed off of each other’s strengths.”
  • What happens in a typical day here?
    • Example: “A typical day here at Paton Marketing consists of a lot of collaboration and planning, a good amount of research, and a lot of communication with clients.”
  • Do you have any new products or plans for growth?
    • Example: “Paton Marketing hired me because we are growing the Social Media Department. I’m very excited to announce a new product in January 2017 called Reality Social Media… It’s going to change the way content is created!”
  • What does your company value the most?
    • Example: “I think the thing Paton Marketing values the most are its clients. Our job is to help clients build an online presence, and help build one another up through our personal network. We want to see small businesses thrive, and that’s exactly the services the provide.”

We’ll see you at the shoot!